Your business fulfills you! You have great clients, create meaningful photographs and make good money. It's easy to get your work done. You enjoy family time, attending your kids' activities, evenings together, and vacations. You even get to do activities you love, guilt-free. You feel rested. You feel accomplished. You feel content. You feel peace.

Here's the dream:

want that dream to be a Reality?

Thrive in your photography business without sacrificing your family and personal passions.

If you're constantly feeling the pressure of choosing between your business and your personal time, one-to-one coaching is the missing piece find the balance you're looking for.

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I tend to get frozen by indecision and overwhelm. Dan went above and beyond to find out how my brain worked and talked out the steps needed in order to get my processes mapped out. I was able to get the clarity I needed in order to move forward in my business. The future feels full of excitement and anticipation instead of anxiety and apprehension. I can't thank Dan enough!

— shanna

"The future feels full of excitement and anticipation instead of anxiety and apprehension."

Hi there!
I'm Dan Moyer.

I've photographed all the couples in the photos to above. My current record is seven couples at one wedding.

In 2018, I was a new father, sitting with over $100k of debt despite having an amazing financial year, stressed out, burnt out, and angry. When our twins were born in 2019, I hit a low. I wanted to be present for my family, but my business was draining me.

Despite making great money and having happy clients, I suffered from imposter syndrome, procrastination, and frustration. I found myself scrolling for hours, blowing through money, and wondering where my next client would come from.

I needed structure. I needed accountability, encouragement, and organization. I realized that being a parent meant I couldn't work the same way I did without kids. 

I have been a full-time wedding photographer for over 14 years now. Before that, I worked as a staff photographer for four years at a portrait studio and sports photography company. 

Over the years, I have also managed an associate wedding photography studio, a photo booth company, an on-location corporate headshot business, and a real estate photography brand. 

I have photographed hundreds of weddings and made friendships with many of my clients. The greatest joy of being a wedding photographer is when my previous clients send their friends and family to me. I have photographed multiple friend groups, dozens of siblings, and even the weddings of a mom and then her children.

It wasn't always awesome.

but guess what...

I went on a knowledge bender, reading every book, listening to every podcast, and going over workshop notes from years earlier. I hired a business coach and a therapist. 

I finally realized it's not about having "the secret" or being special - it's about not giving up.

It's about having someone in your corner who's been there before. You'll achieve what you never dreamt of when you have a coach to guide you, keep you accountable, encourage you, and reframe your perspective. And now, I'm here to help you do the same thing so many have helped me to do.

With a coach to help and guide you, you can build a better version of yourself and your business. 

Build towards more family time, more personal time, more adventures, confidence, financial stability, guilt-free vacations, and happy clients - I'll help you get there.

Finally be able to have a life outside your business again.

Get individual attention and accountability to make your dreams a reality.

Feel confident and get a handle on that imposter syndrome and self doubt.




Get organized and build systems, so you can finally feel productive and enjoy guilt-free personal time!



Grow your business while enjoying personal and family time.

Immediate feedback navigating your life and your business.


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1:1 Coaching to grow your business & enjoy your personal life!

What is 1:1 coaching and why is it effective?

personal feedback  & Accountability

it's not a course.

There will be friction when you're making changes, setting boundaries, implementing new systems, and encountering new challenges. Some things will stick and feel natural right away! But no matter how hard you try, other things won't stick. So rather than forcing yourself to make it work, we forge a new path and test a new angle.

Let's make a sports analogy (ta-da!). The coach works with the athlete on their training and game plan, watches tape with them, and helps prepare them mentally for various outcomes. It's the athlete who then goes and performs, not the coach. The athlete makes split second decisions. The coach is there afterward to give feedback on what went well, what could have been better, reviews tape, etc. The cycle continues and it's the constant struggle and feedback that helps you find new tools and creates growth.

Online courses are all the rage! And rightfully so! They can be beneficial and efficient if you get a good one. However, some topics are out of the scope of the effectiveness of online courses. Research puts completion of online courses between 5-15%. So, those who purchase the courses are not receiving the full impact of learning. Online courses are inherently impersonal. They do not consider your life situation, motivation, schedule, or life circumstances. Online courses don't hold you accountable.

Personal attention is dwindling in a world obsessed with numbers and reaching the masses. Having the attention of a single person is rare, but it's transformational when it's the right person. You know when you feel excited and motivated after catching up with a friend? That's what one-to-one coaching feels like every time.

Long term goals but quick results

There are no quick fixes. All good things take time, effort, and hard work. Just because something works for another business doesn't mean it will always work for you. A piece and a part of it might, but how do you adapt it to make it work for you? Test, retest, and see what works. 

We all have habits ingrained into us for tens of years. It's like driving a car through muddy ruts worn in winter after winter. It's easier to get out of those ruts if you create a brand-new track and wear it in your way! It takes time to wear in a new track.

Finally, it takes time to build trust and confidence. Trust between you and I. Confidence to take a new step. Trusting yourself. In the words of Agent K from Men in Black, "It's worth it. If you're strong enough."

How It Works

You apply by filling out the form, then we get together on a video chat and see if we're a good fit.

First This

We meet virtually, at the same time, on the same day every two weeks for a few months. 

Then this

You explore yourself & your business. You do the work, give yourself grace, and change your business, relationships, & life.

and finally, this

1:1 coaching is everything you need to finally thrive.

Accountability, support, mentorship, flexible systems, challenge, organization, encouragement, work at your own pace, goal-focused, personal, strength-based, and so much more.


RESOURCES AND TASKS TO KEEP YOU progressing between sessions




Whether it's a single session or six months, I've got you covered. Each one hour session includes:

As low as $200 per session.

Flexible pricing that works for you.

This      for you if:

you won't be happy if nothing changes between now and the next 12 months.

You're only focused on financial growth.

You are a photography business owners and want to enjoy a life outside of it.

You're not willing to do hard work to build the business and life you want.

You're tired, burnt out, and frustrated but know there has to be a better way.

It's probably         for you if:

You can be defensive and unwilling to receive feedback.


It's probably
for you if...


"We get so wrapped up in numbers in our society. The most important thing is that we are able to be one-to-one, you and I with each other at the moment. If we can be present to the moment with the person that we happen to be with, that's what's important."

— Mr. Rogers

"Dan helped me understand the value in myself and my time and helped me 3X my session fee! He has also taught me ways to become more connected with my clients which has helped me rebook so many families."


increased her income!


"He walked me through it, but it wasn't just about copying his approach word for word. He helped me tailor it to my strengths and personality, so that it fit my brand the way I envisioned it."


leveled up his client experience


real results

I'm Dan! Life Coach, Photographer, Extreme Empath, and Podcaster.

I'm a full time wedding photographer since Jan. 2010.
Smitten Husband since 2014
Dad x Three (one plus twins), certified life coach, Phillies fan and extreme empath. 

more about me

hey there!

You're in the right place.

You may have been burned before and purchased a course that was not what you thought it was. This is why I coach photographers individually. You are set up for success with 1:1 Coaching. It's you and me, face to face, working on your business in the trenches together. Why would I want to help someone else with their business? Because I'm just as excited for your success as you are! I will assist you in defining success and get you there pronto! And I'm good at it!

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. This is not 1-2-3 steps to success. It's not about me just giving you all the answers. You know what you need to do. You need someone who is darn good at helping you clear the way to build some routines, trust yourself, set some boundaries, make some money, keep you accountable, and take action!

If this sounds good to you...

You might feel super skeptical right now. I totally get that. But 1:1 Life Coaching Works. Here's why:

Be booking your ideal clients that satisfy you financially and creatively.

Have clear systems for all parts of your life & business - from booking clients to when to shut off for personal time.

Be able to create an experience for your clients that has them telling all their friends!

Have a clear understanding of managing your business finances and budgeting your personal money

Feel excited again about where you're heading and how you're getting there.

Be able to manage your time so you can confidently get it all done without the overwhelm.

By the end of our time, you will...

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Creating life-changing habits

Building a systems that will give you the life you want.

Attracting clients who will shout your name from the rooftop and tell their friends about you.

Get organized in your business and personal finances.

Getting out of your late night editing funk and into a positive routine.

Feeling more balanced, and rested, and in alignment with what you're wanting to create for your life.

If you want this year to be the one that you finally commit to:

APply now

If we work together for six months, and you're still far from where you want to be, I'll coach you for another six months on me.

I believe so much in the power of long-term 1:1 business and life coaching for photographers. If you show up, do the work and make changes and you're not excited about your progress after six months, I will coach you for another six months for free. 




RESOURCES AND TASKS TO KEEP YOU progressing between sessions




Whether it's a single session or six months, I've got you covered. Each one hour session includes:

As low as $200 per session.

Flexible pricing that works for you.

It's me - hi! Hit me up and I'll respond generally M-F 9am-4pm EST.

Use the form over there or email me:


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